Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Days

Some of our hostel Memoirs was captured on Video by some my friends.. This puts light on some of the most unforgettable moments we shared together:

Monday, January 14, 2008

The "Nothing Special" Day

Well, about my last post. I did not go to cheer for my classmates in their cricket match against the "F" section. I changed my mind and decided to go to the city to play Counter-Strike instead.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Back in Black

After a long stay home for my Christmas vacations, I am back to my college and hostel. I did not feel like leaving home and feel really bad for leaving home this time, than I felt while I was leaving after Diwali. During the Diwali vacations, I just wanted to come back to the here. My computer and gaming at my friends place was the only thing that motivated me to stay at home. However, I can say that this vacation was much more fun that the Diwali vacation.

Life at home was hectic brfore the 25th. The same day I got home, I had to complete the star. It was not a problem, since we have a ready-made metal frame of the star. All I had to do was to stick the butter paper and crape paper on it. Next thing was the .........................................................................................................................

So, I am back, I could not continue, because I was sent out of the Lab. I had downloaded Mozilla Firefox to write this blog, but when the Lab administrator saw this, he sent me out. Too bad that some people are not flexible to change. They continue to use old fashioned tools. I am hence forced to write this post using IE 6.0 (One really crappy browser). Mozilla Firefox is the best browser to date. With features like Spell Check (Essential for a blog), Popup blocker (Better than IE with SP2), etc. I came to know, how pathetic it was. In the age of Open Source Software, people still use pirated OSs with their crappy inbuilt browser (You know which).

Forget the case, I am back here the next day, Today. Today, we have some competitions at our college. The ones prior to the annual gathering. The gathering is named "Insight 2008" is held every year at our college. The various events today are:

  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball

In the later days, there will be competetions for Singing, Dance, Personality, etc. I didn't take part in any of these, because I longed to have Carrom, which is unfortunately not included. Any ways, I hope I will enjoy this gathering. There will be a parents-faculty meeting on the last day of the gathering.

Well, I should better get going, for I have to go to cheer for my classmates (of "D" section) in their cricket match against the "F" section. See ya'll.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sorry for the Big Cut out

Sorry, sorry. I didn't want to miss all that detail. The last time I posted, I had just taken admission in this college. Now it is almost time for the Christmas vacations and there is lot that has been missed out here. The Independence Day program, Teachers day, a program at the Old Age home, Exams before Diwali vacations, Hostel Day program by the Girls and Boys, Exams before Xmas etc.

Anyway, there is lots of stuff to tell you now, but very little time. I am busy packing my bags for I am going to be free (temporarily,though) from this hellhouse of a hostel (But, it is not that bad, believe me.)

Christmas at home is going to be very hectic. Cleaning, Decorating and blah blah. But I hope that "Rewards come through hard work" (This policy does'nt apply to everything I do).

Well then, Merry Christmas. See you on the other side.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hostile Hostel

Welcome to my Hostel. Though it is OK, my first experiences weren't. I couldn't get online for quite sometime now. Now, I have access to the lab from the time the college ends till seven in the evening. There has been lots of stuff that took place in the meantime and I feel bad for not entering any of them here.

Comming back to the hostel, it is just as you would expect any other hostel to be. It didn't take much time for me to adjust. My roommates are quite good too, one guy is Tanmoy (Tanmay in Bengali) from Assam and the other guy is Roby Joseph, from Delhi but native of Kerala.

Though I have been assured by Father Manoj (The hostel manager) that there would be no ragging, then I was told that ragging was a norm here. I was quite panicked, I had seen Munnabhai MBBS and saw the sort of ragging that was possible. I hoped that it did not happen. In the evening, the first wave of seniors attended our room. We were ordered to stand, look down with our hands behind the back. We were asked to give an introduction of ourselves. The format was: Name-Father's name (With Mr.)-Mother's name (With Mrs.)-12th percentage-10th percentage-Hobbies.

Though the ragging was not of the serious sort most would expect, it was only silly to some extent. Its all seniors telling you to do something silly or answer silly questions. Questions of the sort:

  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you drink?
  • Do you have any girlfriend?
  • Do you have any bad habits? (Don't ask what sort of bad habits)
If our answer to any of these was a straight forward "No", we were warned:"Haan hai toh abhi bata de, varna kisi din dikh gaya to oos din tu gaya, sochle". In my room, they never did anything serious as far as I can remember. Whenever I was asked about my hobbies (As a part of the above formal introduction), I would respond Listening Music, gaming, web browsing and listening music. Then they would ask, what sort of music, to which I would respond-All types of rock and metal. Not to mention, they made me sing and continued to make me sing for a couple of days. Sometimes they would ask me to sing "Blvd. of broken dreams - Green Day","A Place for my head - Linkin Park" or some song by Metallica. I must say that it was not that shameful to sing in front of them. I myself have enjoyed quite a part of the so called ragging, for I like to sing.

Sometimes I feel that all these ragging antics by the seniors were nothing much more than just a way to familiarise themselves with us. Though some of them might have some malign intentions or some might want to have some wicked amusement. Whaqtever may br the reason, I feel the seniors are helping us to respect those older to us and preparing us to face competetive times ahead.

Comming up ahead are some of the antics that I have seen and heard in the hostel. In my next post.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Beginning

Hello, I am Desmond David

Since when my Uncle came about and announced that I was selected for the 4 year degree course in Engineering (Computers). I am fairly excited. The future holds a grimm secret, I don't know how the college will be. Moreover I have to stay in a Hostel. This does'nt worry me much, since I have an experience of living in a Hostel when I was taking a crash course in MH-CET.

Preparations are on. Aug 8 is the date. There is already enough headache running for the educational loan. It might well be noted that banks purposely put many hurdles to obtain any loan. My dad is already going nuts over the whole loan issue. Hope the we get the loan before the college starts.

Too bad, my Digit magazine subscription ended and Dad will not renew it. He says I will not study and read the mag only. He doesn't understand that Digit is not any entertainment mag. For me, it is serious business. A engineer (or for that matter any computer geek) is as good as the tech knowledge that he has. Well I hope he agrees atleast to let the mags pile at home and I to read it whenever I return.

Right now I am trying to extract as much fun as possible from my PC, though old as a grandfather, it still has enough juice. Who knows if I can get this there or not? Anyway, I shall have some multiplayer Counter Strike sessions once a week there.

All I do now is to look forward.